Please note: Wobbel is avaliable in limited numbers. Promo codes do not apply to Wobbel orders.

Select the Wobbel with cork, wool felt or EKO felt for hardwood, laminate, tile, concrete floors or similar to protect and dampen sound. For all ages.

Heirloom Quality and Eco-Friendly The Wobbel is made with many layers of the best European beech wood (FSC), which are stacked and pressed under high pressure, and has a uniquely designed curve. EKO felt is made from recycled plastic bottles and is animal-free. 

Manufactured in Belgium according to the stringent American (ASTM) and European (EN-71) Toy Safety standards. The Wobbel is made from sustainably harvested European beech wood (FSC) which is pressed and finished with child-friendly water based lacquers and stains.

Because of its shape and looks, the Wobbel is a toy that doesn’t need to be put away after playing with it. It looks great in every living room. Because of quality, and imaginative ways to use the Wobbel, it has tremendous longevity.

What is a WOBBEL? A Waldorf classic redesigned! It is a sturdy, beautifully crafted beechwood rocking balance board, a seat, a safe haven, a bridge, a house, a step, a slide, a yoga aid, a fort, or a dinosaur!! It can be anything you want it to be!!! Children instinctively know what to do with them! Wobbel encourages active imaginative play. It builds strength and balance as well as creativity. And not just for kids - adults can have fun too!

Balance and Strength The Wobbel stimulates balance and strength during play and use. In a playful way, but very efficiently, it supports physical awareness and balance. When using it as a training device, specific muscle groups can be isolated, while other exercises train big muscle groups. This goes for (young) children, adults and even the elderly.

Imaginative and Individual Play The Wobbel works like a magnet on children and offers them many play possibilities beyond balancing fun. The Wobbel is meant not only for exuberant and playful games, but also for quiet moments and individual play. The board can be a lounger, a bridge, a fort, a foundation for a rainbow tower, and countless other imaginative things! Children are open-minded and keep finding new uses for the Wobbel. It’s an ideal step in, for example, the kitchen, so children can wash their own hands without help and bake cookies of course.

Age and weight The standard Wobbel and felt-finished version are designed and CE certified for children of 3 years and older, but is also suitable for older children and adults up to 200 kilograms. The Wobbel is a balance board to be used standing on it. Other uses have not been tested and certified, so Wobbel B.V. cannot guarantee its safe usage when used in other ways. Never let them stand or sit on the sides.

Use and safety The Wobbel is a very mobile toy and, as always with these kinds of toys, parental or adult supervision is required. Especially for children of younger ages. 

A few guides for using the Wobbel:
Make sure your child always uses the Wobbel under adult supervision
Let your children get used to the Wobbel slowly and help them by giving them a hand or two.
Make clear what can and can't be done with the Wobbel
Never wear socks or smooth shoes. Bare feet or shoes that aren’t slippery prevent accidents
Teach your children from the first use to always keep their fingers away from the edges
Make sure the is at least 2 meters of free space around the Wobbel (including other children).
Place the Wobbel on a level surface

Cleaning and Maintenance It is advised to clean the Wobbel with a damp cloth, combined with a mild detergent if necessary. It’s important to wipe it with a dry cloth after cleaning. The Wobbel doesn’t need any special maintenance.

Product Size: L: 36in W: 12in Weight: 5.5 Kgs

Wobbel Original Balance Board Transparent Lacquer/ Powdery Pink Wool Felt Wobbel Hip Mommies Canada


Wobbel Original Balance Board Transparent Lacquer/ Powdery Pink Wool Felt