Are you feeling Kooshoo? Sustainably & ethically manufactured. These adorable unisex baby and toddler harem style "yoga" pants fit 3x longer thanks to the expandable waistband and rollable cuffs.

Made with Pesticide-free, durable and ultra soft organic cotton fit 3x longer than other kid’s pants. The high performance fabric is durable so they won’t get destroyed by crawling or outdoor play, and an expandable waistband and cuffs means they will fit diapered bottoms, cloth diapered bottoms and undies. Unisex designs mean you can pass them onto the next child in the family. Ethically made in India, dyed by hand and built to last, Kooshoo is a brand making a difference environmentally too. By focusing on maximizing versatility, you can live with less, and spend less money on clothing babe too. 

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