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Dawn Ultra Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid, Original, 828 mL

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Spots on your silicone? Are your feeding products absorbing tastes and smells? It's likely the phosphates in your dishwashing or dishwasher detergent. The best way to clean silicone is handwashing in hot water and blue Dawn. (A once in a while soak in baking soda and vinegar is also recommended.) 

It also makes the best laundry pre-treater for stubborn stains and when mixed with white vinegar creates an excellent shower cleaner!

Blue Dawn is non-toxic, not harmful to your skin, it’s biodegradable and it contains no phosphates. It's our pick for washing babe's dishware. 

  • Ultra-concentrated (2X Cleaning Power over regular Dawn, you can dilute it!)
  • 828ml Large Sized Bottle