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Thoughtful Design

Problem solving, developmentally appropriate goods designed with your little one's health and wellbeing in mind. Thoughtful design also means carefully considering the product's impact, usage, lifecycle and materials.

Responsible Manufacturing

We hold our suppliers to a high standard, and require third party certifications. This is to ensure that the factories manufacturing the goods are making resposible environmental choices, not using child or forced labour and that they are closely monitored.

Safety Testing & Non Toxic Goods

Lead, BPA, Phthalates and other toxic additives are commonly found in kid's products. Even the ones that are labelled as "free." We require independant, third-party testing facilities and testing reports for all of the goods we carry.

Earth Friendly & Sustainable Materials

Recyclable, Biodegradable. We are always on the lookout for materials and manufacturing processes that are friendly to our earth. If its not able to go into the blue bin, you can return anything we sell to us - and we'll properly recycle it through our partnership with Terracycle.

Functional & Multipurpose

We like things that look great and look to fill our homes with beautiful things that are made for more than one use. From goods that are designed to take you through ages and stages, to play mats that double as educational tools or decor - we've made sure that everything we stock has a firm purpose - or two! And that it fits in and functions well in your home.

Thoughtfully designed, responsibly manufactured, tested safe and useful goods.

Feeding and Mealtime

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photo of a Ikea Antilop highchair with a pink silicone mat on the tray, a Yeah Baby Goods cushion cover on the cushion and gold toned wraps on the legs. Brightly coloured earth toned blush panels are in the background

Level up that hand-me-down IKEA highchair

Make the Antilop high chair better than brand new with cushion covers, silicone tray mats, leg wraps & footrests in wood tones. Cuter. Safer. Complete customization.

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Save on goods you can feel good about with relove.

Our relove program is here to create change. The best thing we can do for our planet and our communities is to cut down on consumption. We can do this by seeking out multipurpose goods that do double duty, or by reusing items that have been gently loved in another home. At Hip Mommies, we source practical and durable goods made with high-quality materials, that won't break after using with your babe, and that can be passed on to another child.

The relove program is intended to give you access to goods at a discounted price and also to divert returns and slightly damaged items from landfills. Giving perfectly good items a second chance in your home. ✌️ 🌍 💖

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