Collection: 0-6 Months Pre-feeding

Ready for the foodie journey with your tiny tot? Get set before the baby's first bite with pre-feeding tools. Before diving spoon-first into solids, there's a whole world of pre-feeding skills to explore.

Our 'First Bites Ahead' collection is all about setting up your cutie with the pre-feeding skills they need. Think of it as the warm-up round—where mouthing, cup gripping, and cool breast milk popsicles come into play (because, yes, that’s a thing!). We've got the goods to make this pre-game as smooth as a pureed pea. From chew-friendly tools to just-right cups, your little one will be saying 'more, please!' before you know it. Ready, set, prep! 

The ezpz Pre-feeding Collection Milestones for this age group are Tongue Elevation, Tongue Lateralization, Lip Closure, Lip Rounding, and more.  Read more about pre-feeding skills on the ezpz Blog. All products here are best suited for ages 3mo and up.


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