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Yeah Baby Goods Support Clamps and O-Rings for the Original Footrest

Yeah Baby Goods Support Clamps and O-Rings for the Original Footrest

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Note: These add-on support clamps are only needed if you bought a footrest prior to March of 2021. All new footrest orders come with a set of support clamps.

Made for the IKEA Antilop Highchair Footrest.

2 x Support Clamps
2 x O-Rings

Our original footrests came with black o-rings that held the footrest in place. Over time, the footrest might start to slip if spills or natural oils get on the legs. Occasionally cleaning the legs with rubbing alcohol helps keep the o-rings secure, but we know busy parents don't always have time to do a wipe down! We designed these white clamps to fasten over the black o-rings and prevent all slippage! They also give more stability for older and more active children. Support clamps are only needed for under the footrest and are not necessary above the footrest. Clamps come with two extra black o-rings.

Installation: Install the o-rings and footrest on the highchair. Wrap the clamps around the o-rings under the footrest. Make sure the o-ring is completely inside the groove within the clamp. Use two hands to close the clamp by holding the clamp together with one hand and fastening the closure with the other hand. A tight fit is necessary to securely hold the footrest in place.

Safety Warning: Please keep unused o-rings and clamps out of reach of children. The small rings are not a toy and could be a choking hazard.

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